My name is Dan Holloway. I am a business operations expert and Fractional COO.

We'll get to what that means in a moment...

When it comes to growing your businesses, increasing your productivity, growing profits... It's hard. None of these are easy things for anyone. And those who tell you differently are either lucky or they're lying.

At the end of the day, skipping to the truth here... It basically comes down to doing the tough, unsexy, gruelling work. It’s all a marathon, not a sprint.

Your Journey as a Business Owner, Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur:

If you go into your business or career journey thinking it’s going to be just one easy piece of work after another, then you’re probably not going to succeed.

Those people who seem to breeze through, do so more through luck than by design. And I can say that because I’ve been helping businesses to start, grow and scale for nearly 20 years.

And over that time, I have learned one simple thing. And that’s when you’ve removed the fluff and the BS. All it really means to start, grow or scale a business, whether it's your business or one within which you work.. It comes down to consistent action and consistent effort towards the goals you’re trying to achieve.

Further than that, it's avoiding distractions and avoiding procrastination and avoiding all those shiny objects that get in your way.

If you can do that, you will succeed, but it is, of course, far easier to say than to do!

So how can my content help you?

brown wooden blocks on white surface

My sole aim with my content is to help others to achieve. Some will consume the content, absorb what they need and drive themselves forward to succeed on their own.

Others will ask me to help guide and assist them along their journey, where we work together to get them to their goals.

And a few will simply dig deep and ask me to do it for them.

Either way, the content here is all about helping you to achieve.

Achieve strategic clarity. Achieve operational efficiency. Achieve greater profits. Achieve a work/life balance. The list goes on, but you get the gist.

No fluff and no BS. No over-complication. No corporate bureaucracy. Just what you need to know. And just what is proven to work.

I try to keep it simple and always keep it real!

And if you don’t like my sometimes blunt nature, then you’re probably not my ideal audience. If on the other hand, you don’t mind a tad bit of directness. And if you actually quite like the raw and unfiltered nature and the lack of vanity in how I work and create content, then you and I are probably going to get on quite well!

Dig into the content on this site, it's for you!

Read, Watch and Listen to what's here. And if you ever want to talk, you know where I am.

Carpe diem!